The Eastern Enlargement of the EU

The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union is an extraordinary European achievement. It becomes possible, due to a series of compromises among the Member States, based on their national interests. Taken in their entirety, although important on their own right, they give shape to an inconsistent enlargement policy.

Rethinking the European Union?

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60 Years Anniversary of the Signing of the Treaties of Rome

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United We Stand Strong

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, European Studies Department, “Jean Monnet” Center of Excellence with the support of “Erasmus plus” program and “Hanns Seidel” Foundation organise: United We Stand Strong, Fifth International Conference

On 1 January 2018 Bulgaria took over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union in a complicated and dynamic period, when important decisions are to be made. As a head of the rotating Presidency Bulgaria aims to achieve its set of goals through three easy-to-remember approaches, that comprise the three most salient areas for the future of the EU. They have become popular as the three “C”: consensus – competitiveness – cohesion. Competitiveness is crucial for the economic prosperity of citizens; cohesion is a precondition for a socially stable European Union, while consensus is necessary for the unity and progress of the EU. We shall not forget the forth “C” that stands for culture since culture is what distinguishes Europe as a hallmark for civilization.
The motto of the Bulgaria presidency “United we stand strong” is also the title of the Fifth international conference of the European Studies Department. The main aim of the conference is to contribute to the priorities of the Presidency:

• The future of the European Union and the young people – economic growth and social cohesion;
• Security and stability in a strong and united Europe;
• European perspective for the Western Balkans
• Digital agenda and advanced competences for the future.

These are currently the important issues for the European Union: what future do we choose for Europe, how to move ahead together, what decisions shall we make, what are the concrete steps to undertake in order to be united and strong. The conference will play the role of a citizens’ convention for proposing ideas for facing the new challenges of the social-economic and territorial cohesion, for an improved competitiveness and a better living standard of the EU citizens.

The conference is designed mainly for lecturers and researchers in European Studies from EU Member States, candidates or potential candidates for EU membership, as well as countries that are part of the European Neighbourhood Policy or EU Association process.

Important deadlines:

Deadline for sending an application form (attached below): 28 February 2018
Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision on Conference participation by March, 15th 2018
Deadline for submission of the paper for the selected applications: 10 May 2018
The papers of the participants will be published in Conference proceedings after a review process.

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