The Eastern Enlargement of the EU

The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union is an extraordinary European achievement. It becomes possible, due to a series of compromises among the Member States, based on their national interests. Taken in their entirety, although important on their own right, they give shape to an inconsistent enlargement policy.

Rethinking the European Union?

Papers from the IVth scientific conference of the Dept. of European Studies at Sofia University, 2017. [...]

Perspectives for Adoption of the Euro in the Western Balkans

Authors: Assoc. Prof. Kaloyan Simeonov, Anna Pecheva, Lilian Nikiforova, Slaveya Bizheva   [...]

Nature and History of Monetary Unions

Author: Assoc. Prof. Kaloyan Simeonov           [...]

60 Years Anniversary of the Signing of the Treaties of Rome

The Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Sofia and the Italian Cultural Institute organized a round table on 10 March 2017, [...]

The European Union needs our support, when in a difficulty!

The depth of the problem with the current state of the European integration, which also gives rise to the cacophony in the political circles in Bulgaria as a result of the European Parliament decision to initiate a procedure against the policies of the V. Orban government in Hungary, continues to nurture the media interest on the issue. In its Friday edition on 28 September 2018, “Capital” daily published an interview with Prof Georgi Dimitrov on the topic.

The original text of the interview can only be accessed here (in Bulgarian).