About the project

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Department of European Studies at Sofia University is focused on the teaching and research of the Europeanization of the countries of South-Eastern Europe. The objectives of the project are to strengthen the role and contribution of the European studies at Sofia University to the international academic and expert debate in the field of Europeanization; to contribute to the development of the course programmes of Bachelor and Master levels; and to stimulate a more active public and media debate in Bulgaria on topics related to EU integration.
To this end, the initiative foresees the development and regular updating of an electronic document database of the European integration of Bulgaria with free online access as well as the regular publishing of analytical commentary articles on topics from the current European political and public debate.
The project also includes activities such as seminars and international academic conferences, simulation games, interdisciplinary research in the field of enlargement policies and the development of the Economic and monetary union, as well as activities for engaging the students in research work in the field of Europeanization.
The initiative covers a period of three years (September 2016 – August 2019) and is co-financed by the “Еrasmus +“ Programme of the European Commission.