European Elections 2019: the Procedures are Now Clear, May the Political Debate Begin

For the first time in years, several significant proposals were made for amendments in the procedural rules, related to the European Parliament elections. In fact, to a large extent these amendments remained in the periphery of the public debate, particularly in Bulgaria. This is somewhat understandable – these are not topics that are easy to translate into the language of the every-day issues of citizens, unlike for instance the double standards in foods, or the quality of the air we breathe. But the proposed amendments would have a direct effect on the quality of the European democracy and therefore deserve attention.

The analysis of Dr. Linka Toneva touches upon the amendments in the composition of the European Parliament, the Electoral Act of the European Parliament, the Regulation on the Statute and Funding of European Political Parties and Foundations, as well as date for 2019 EP elections. Read more in her commentary here.